this is my mobile “office”.  it’s a Surface 3 with an Anker Bluetooth keyboard.  although i love my desktop computer, i find i am using my mobile devices more and more.  especially since i got the Surface.  i never was all that into tablets previously.  i had a first generation iPad for years, then finally […]


spent this last weekend in the windy city.  took the train down for a day trip.  it was a pretty good time considering nothing other than the trip itself was planned or choreographed.  we just got off the train and started walking around, taking pics and acting like total tourists lol.  eventually we ended up […]


i was inventorying my technology assets recently and realized that i am waaay connected.  besides my desktop computer, i have two tablets (android & windows), a macbook, a smart hd tv, and my smartphone. i have no excuse for not knowing what is going on in the world. but don’t think i’m bragging. it’s really overkill. […]


if someone says that they “can’t” find time for you, then you are not a priority for them.  stop making them your priority.  you shouldn’t have to beg for time.  people make time for things/people that are important to them.  if you feel like you are doing all of the “work” keeping the relationship alive, […]

the revamp…

so i finally got around to finishing the remodel on my site.  basically had a placeholder in place for over a year, mainly because I couldn’t decide on a format.  still not 100% decided so i figure i’ll just do whatever hits me for now. the holidaze are almost upon us so here comes the […]