this is my mobile “office”.  it’s a Surface 3 with an Anker Bluetooth keyboard.  although i love my desktop computer, i find i am using my mobile devices more and more.  especially since i got the Surface.  i never was all that into tablets previously.  i had a first generation iPad for years, then finally gave it away.  i liked it, but it was more of a toy than anything i’d use to really do anything on.  a year or so ago i picked up an android tablet.  again it was, and is pretty cool, but again it’s more of a toy than a useful device.  i really only use it stream music when i’m in the shower.  don’t worry it’s protected from humidity and moisture.  fast forward to now, i let myself get talked into grabbing a Surface tablet.  initially i thought it was just a microsoft take on the iPad but i was wrong.  this tablet is a real computer, running the full version of Windows.  it came with windows 8.1 and then i upgraded it to 10.

It has it’s quirks, but that’s to be expected of a new device and a new operating system.  so far no deal breakers.  the last update unpaired my keyboard for some reason, and it was a bit of a pain to get it to pair again but it ‘s all good now.  i’m thinking of picking up the stylus.  it’s gotten great reviews and i want to try doing some sketching on the surface.

I’ll post more as it develops…

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