back again.  january was a strange month for me.  as you can see, i obviously neglected this blog a bit.  i’m trying to rectify that.  i also have pretty much stopped posting on my shaving blog.  i don’t know if i will take that back up or not.  i think i’ve kind of lost the “thrill” for shaving somewhat.  i mean i still shave.  i still enjoy shaving, but i’m not “excited” about it currently.  so unless something happens to change that, i probably wont continue that blog, but i don’t know.

speaking of blogs, i started one for my new passion – board games!  it’s called  basically i talk about board games that i have played, want to play, and/or related stuff.  i just started it but i’m already procrastinating with it.  mainly because i’m not happy with the design.  i need to learn how to code, and/or get more proficient in wordpress.  it’s exhausting going through the free themes to try to find a look i like with the right functions.  ugh.

so the truck has been running well.  so far I have cleaned the mass air sensor, new plugs, cap, and wires, all new ball joints, new tie rods and related gear.  last major thing i need is a new radiator.  i have a pretty cool “shade tree” mechanic.  think i’ve mentioned him before.  he deserves another shout out.  after this i’ll practically have a new truck.  hopefully it will last at least through 2016.

time to make the donuts…

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